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Giuntini Records


Beginning his musical journey in the progressive rock band Cryin' Earth, Italian guitarist Aldo Giuntini left in 1984 in order to pursue a solo career. After meeting fellow guitarist and sound engineer Dario Mollo in 1988, Giuntini began working on an album under the name GIUNTINI PROJECT. The next two years were spent with writing and rehearsing material, and during this time he was approached by English producer Kit Woolven, who had been impressed by early demos and produced the album along with Mollo. It was another two years before Charles Bowyer was enlisted into the band as a singer and the band's first, self-titled album was finally released in 1993. In 1995, work commenced on a follow-up album, with former Black Sabbath singer Tony Martin taking over vocal duties. "Giuntini Project II" was released in 1999, again produced by Woolven and Mollo. It was during the recording of this album that Martin and Mollo began work on their own project "The Cage". Seven years later, Giuntini and Martin reunited to record "Giuntini Project III", once again produced by Mollo and released in April 2006. A fourth album, "Giuntini Project IV", was released on May 2013.

In 2014 Aldo decided to stop with his saga of GIUNTINI PROJECT and moved to an unexplored less classic and more extreme genre, a sort of prog-death metal near to bands like Feared and Lamb Of God. So the new project DEATHLINE began. In 2021 the album "V" is ready to be released, featuring Eric Castiglia on vocals, Leonardo Bacchiocchi on drums, Davide Pesce on bass and a guest appearance of Tony Martin on the track "Stab In The Dark".

"Stab In The Dark (feat. Tony Martin)" - Official Track Stream: https://youtu.be/z5EcKaEP6s0


1. Spooky Man
2. Winter Murder
3. Human
4. Serial Killer
5. This Will Be Our Escape
6. Blood
7. Imagine Death
8. Lost The Way
9. Another Soul
10. Consumed By Madness
11. 6 Feet Of Dirt On Your Soul
12. Stab In The Dark (feat. Tony Martin)

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