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Trollzorn proudly presents the second album of Munich/Germany based WOLVES DEN! "Miserere" pukes 8 wrathful chunks of Black/Death Metal at our feet!

WOLVES DEN take their style to a new level and tighten the thumbscrews with more dirt and aggression, delivering a bloody cocktail that remains true to the roots of the genre, also in 2020. Get ready for a hellish ride between melancholy and madness! There are persuaders at work here whose longstanding membership in the dark guild is audible at all times. The insidiously nagging vocals, the precise guitar playing and the hammering drums form the backbone of a sinister demon who will soon vomit over mankind! Songs like the sinister "Nachtmahr" or the bitterly angry "Häresie" have what it takes to mature into classics of the genre in some time. The rancid icing on the cake is the impressive artwork by Lisa Vinstervan, which masterfully captures the dark morbid mood of the album.

Toughness, darkness, sublimity!

"Häresie" - Official Track Stream: https://youtu.be/3Ak49VatYdo


1. Tides of Hate
2. Pfad ins Dunkel
3. Der Frost in mir
4. Nachtmahr
5. Häresie
6. Antaios
7. Melancholera
8. Nameless Grave


Helge Stang - Bass & Vocals
Mexx - Guitar
Stefan Botz - Guitar
Manuel Di Camillo - Drums

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