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BlackSeed Productions


The Mystagogue is back, and with him he brings forth new enlightment. Azoth, the ever-changing Mercury, is the bridge through which invisible and immaterial consciousness can be placed within and reside in matter. In Search of the Stone, alchemists often referred to Mercury as Argent Vive. Under this pseudonym, Mercury was recognized in its metallic form as quicksilver. It's union with the masculine metallic seed/Sulfur, would in time coagulate into a new form of metallic matter, a red powder - the famed philosopher's stone.

“Azoth” is MYSTAGOS' Argent Vive, an aural attempt at the philosopher's stone. An ever-changing flow from fast to slow tempos, from the mystical to the mundane. This is MYSTAGOS' most experimental and diverse record to date, coagulating decades of work into one album.

Produced at the Empty Hall Studio. Artwork by Heresie Graphics. MYSTAGOS is Heolstor (all vocals and instruments).

"Ritual" - Official Track Stream: Youtube +++ Bandcamp


1. Adam Kadmon
2. Solve
3. Empire of Bones
4. Ritual
5. Shamdon
6. The Weight of a Burial Shroud
7. Wind of Death


Mystagos was created in 2005 by Heolstor under the name of Chains ov Beleth. With this musical endeavour Heolstor wished to explore the darkest side of the human soul and to create an optimal context to perform the rituals and sorceries which are necessary to contact the beings beyond the Veil. The songs are anthems to the darkness in this world, the humanless beauty reflected in every nocturnal scene and in the inner landscapes of the human being.
In 2017 Chains ov Beleth transforms into Mystagos. As a one-man band, there are no rehearsals and everything comes directly from one mind, without the intervention of anybody else. The band's sound has been maturing and evolving during the years, incorporating different and diverse influences that range from the most extreme black metal, to the eclectic sounds of avant-garde and post-punk.


as Chains ov Beleth
"Walking the Path of Revelations" - Demo, 2005
"Katabasis" – Full-length, 2009
"Nighttime Hymns" – Demo, 2013
"Christeos Chaos" – Full-Length, 2015
"Black Illumination" – Compilation, 2015

as Mystagos
"Ho Anthropos tes Anomias" – Full-length, 2017 (BlackSeed Productions, LP
"Pvrvsha" – EP, 2018 (BlackSeed Productions, CD)
"Azoth" – Full-Length, 2019 (BlackSeed Productions, LP / CD)

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