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Goodnight My Children
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Cruz Del Sur Music
8. Mar. 2024


Pure Australian rock glory meets the Sunset Strip on Goodnight My Children! Indomitable Australian rockers THE NEPTUNE POWER FEDERATION return with their sixth album, "Goodnight My Children", a collection of feverish nighttime stories set to uproarious pure rock with a pop twist!

Love songs were on the mind of Australian psychedelic rock and roll brigade THE NEPTUNE POWER FEDERATION for their 2021 full-length, "Le Demon De L’Amour". The album was the raucous re-imagination of a bygone era filtered through the lens of a band unafraid to blur genres. Fast-forward three years, and now, children’s stories are on the brain for THE NEPTUNE POWER FEDERATION with a decidedly early 1980s American sound on their sixth studio album, "Goodnight My Children".

Inspired by the carefree and reckless Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, "Goodnight My Children" finds THE NEPTUNE POWER FEDERATION leaning into the poppier sound of their sound (think the Sunset Strip merging with late 1970s radio rock). The album’s eight cuts bang and mash with pure rock fervor, complete with roaring guitar solos and the always-memorable, convincing, enticing and mesmerizing “The Imperial Priestess,” otherwise known as Screamin’ Loz Sutch, on lead vocals.

Indeed, "Goodnight My Children" may be Sutch’s finest vocal performance to date. The recording process (which took place at bass player JayTanic Ritual’s The Pet Food Factory in Marrickville, Sydney, with mixing duties handled by Mo Mayhem) involved Sutch doing huge banks of layered backing vocals that followed her peculiar and idiosyncratic sensibilities. The sessions were organic and intuitive, thus allowing Sutch to expand upon the classic pop structures of the nine cuts.

Sutch’s spellbinding vocal performance lent perfectly to the theme of "Goodnight My Children", which symbolizes a collection of nighttime stories that, no matter how horrifying, leave the listener in the caring embrace of Sutch, the Imperial Priestess. And, as an added bonus, fans will be treated to an illustrated book of fairy tales that will accompany the release.

2024 will find THE NEPTUNE POWER FEDERATION making its long-awaited return to European shores for a round of tour dates. Moreover, with the band approaching 15 years as a unit, milestones like a sixth studio album and international acclaim are not taken lightly by the members of THE NEPTUNE POWER FEDERATION. While its origins as a casual studio project were simple, the emergence of Sutch and the notoriety for their sweaty, bombastic live shows has turned THE NEPTUNE POWER FEDERATION into a rock and roll cult that is impossible to ignore.

Official Video Clips: Let Us Begin +++ Lock & Key


1. Let Us Begin
2. Lock & Key
3. Twas A Lie
4. Woe Be Father's Troubled Mind
5. Betrothed To The Serpent
6. Evermore
7. Hariette Mae
8. Goodnight My Children


Screaming Loz Sutch - Vocals
Search and DesTroy - Guitar
Inverted CruciFox - Guitar
Jaytanic Ritual - Bass
River Sticks - Drums


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