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Gathering Of The Insane


I Hate Records


I Hate Records is proud to yield “Gathering Of The Insane” upon mankind! The German power trio JT RIPPER’s second album is storming forth, ready to attack the weak of minds with its pure primeval energy! Strongly rooted in the late 80’s tradition, but still managing to sound fresh and potent! Inspired by both the Teutonic black/thrash/speed sound of countrymen DESASTER and HELLISH CROSSFIRE and the more deathrash-ier ditto of POSSESSED and PENTACLE!

“Gathering of the Insane” is bound to go down well among traditionalist metal maniacs and people turning their back towards polished mainstream sounding abominations that flourish everywhere. Concept-wise, “Gathering of the Insane” deals with the darkest and most macabre sides of the human nature; “True Crime” is on offer here. JT RIPPER finishes off 2018 in the most sick & twisted way. Let cult & chaos reign!


1. Cvlt
2. Chaos
3. Childs Play
4. Feast
5. Shadows
6. Nightstalker
7. Them
8. Maze
9. Second Skin
10. Carnal Lust


Steffen - Bass & Vocals
Daniel - Guitars
Chris - Drums

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