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The Offering Of Seven


Terror From Hell Records


“Tiamat flies, on golden wings, in the skies, blacker”

Terror From Hell is proud to announce the release of GNOSIS's second full-length! Following their debut album on Nuclear War Now! ("The Third-Eye Gate", 2015) and undeniably inspired by the Greek scene of early 90s, the Florida/USA-based quintet's Black Metal lead the listener into a realm of mystery and terror, evoking the renowned vibes of acts such as Varathron and Thou Art Lord, as well as Mortuary Drape and Mystifier. Slowered majestic parts, eerie synth-based layers, thundering drumming and simple yet horrifying intriguing riffage conjure a solid and evil release which will please both old-school and newer listeners.

"Golden Wings" - Official Track Stream: https://youtu.be/hKcQk0J4PuE


1. Intro
2. Devils and Spirits
3. Hand of the Fates
4. Dark King on the Mount
5. Golden Wings
6. Transcendence pt. 1
7. Evil Spirit *
8. The Great Storm
9. Outro 1:51

* Running Wild Cover


J.S. - Vocals
R.P. - Bass and Synth
D.A. - Guitars
C.V. - Drums

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