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Magna Est Vis Suignah


High Roller Records


Almost ten years into their career, Swedish Doomsters ANGUISH are back! And to celebrate this first decade, they will finally release their third full-length album via High Roller Records. ’Magna est vis Siugnah’ is not only the long-awaited follow-up to their 2014 masterpiece ’Mountain’, but also a kind of a ”back to the roots” perspective, a look back in time, not letting the ultimate goal be forgotten. As vocalist J.Dee recalls: ”A while back I thought I lost it, lost her. But I found the source again. (...)The core of creativity, and that is the true meaning of ’Magna est vis Siugnah’.” Looking back on the time since the band was founded, it feels very natural to come up with a new record at this very point. Time also takes its toll and line-up changes and creative draughts could not have been fully avoided. But after a few years of modelling new songs, new ideas and a new lyrical scenery came about and ANGUISH reformed into a four-piece.

Lyrically speaking ’Magna Est Vis Siugnah’ is also a step back, back to the roots. This was a necessity for the band since deity of chaos still is present. ”It has always been about her, and this time it is related to her return. Might be confusing, but for me it is as clear as clean water. It’s a collection of stories from a diverse timeline, with no beginning nor end. Still it is about Death and the life after, and about pain and anguish. Siugnah is showing the world that she will not let herself fade away. To find peace inside, you must get eternal - Life Eternal, Mayhem.”

The mastering of ’Magna Est Vis Siugnah’ was done by Patrick W. Engel (Candlemass, Pentagram and Trouble) at Temple of Disharmony in Bamberg, Germany. Recording and mixing was done by Johan Ericson at Dead Dog Farm Studio in Säffle, Sweden between May 18th and June 4th 2017. The guest guitar solo on ’Blessed Be the Beast’, played by Hasse (Third Storm, former Die Hard) was recorded by guitarist David in his barn in the forest outside of Uppsala. For the cover artwork of ’Magna Est Vis Siugnah’ the band got in touch with Czech artist Vojtěch Doubek at Moonroot art. Instead of any details on how they wanted it to be, the band provided him with the lyrics and the demo tracks and gave him a free hand. Vojta has been following ANGUISH since the 2012 debut "Through the Archdemon's Head" and knows their concept better than anyone else. A perfect match for ’Magna est vis Siugnah’.


1. Blessed Be The Beast
2. Magna Est Vis Suignah
3. Of The Once Ravenous
4. Requiescat In Pace
5. Elysian Fields Of Fire
6. Our Daughters Banner


J.Dee - Vocals & Bass
David - Guitar
Linus - Guitar
Rasmus - Drums