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Divided By Darkness


20 Buck Spin
10. May 2019


Flashback to 2017: SPIRIT ADRIFT dropped its 2nd LP "Curse Of Conception" via 20 Buck Spin, a huge step forward following the debut, landing at #2 in Decibel Magazine’s best albums of the year and carving out a sound now patently its own. Lazily labelled Doom by some, the band is in fact the true representation of what modern Heavy Metal should be, a direct descendent of the widely-appealing arena-filling superstars of the ‘80s and ‘90s without a whiff of anachronistic cosplay fantasies.

SPIRIT ADRIFT’s third album "Divided By Darkness" delivers on the promise first revealed on "Curse Of Conception" and then advances far beyond it in every way achieving a timeless album for the ages. First single ‘Hear Her’ pummels with the concise urgency and unforgettable chorus of a vital radio hit while ‘Angel & Abyss’ has the classic progression that leads from reflective ballad to rapturous anthemic triumph. The continued evolution of Nathan Garrett as a top vocal talent in modern Heavy Metal shines through amidst the masterful musicianship and huge production value engineered by Sanford Parker.

Among the many stylistic divergences within rock and metal, SPIRIT ADRIFT’s "Divided By Darkness" understands that there is no substitute for huge ambition, soul-bearing lyricism and most importantly the ability of a pristinely penned riff and impassioned chorus to alter hearts and minds. Astonishingly "Divided By Darkness" is SPIRIT ADRIFT’s heaviest and most accessible album to date and will stand as the apex of Heavy Metal songcraft in 2019.

"Hear Her" - Official Video Clip: https://youtu.be/-s45Zmvdfo0


1. We Will Not Die
2. Divided By Darkness
3. Born Into Fire
4. Angel & Abyss
5. Tortured By Time
6. Hear Her
7. Living Light
8. The Way Of Return


Divided By Darkness Recording Credits:
Nathan Garrett - Lead and Harmony Vocals / Guitar / Bass
Marcus Bryant - Drums
Synth & Wurlitzer - Preston Bryant
Choral Vocals on ‘Living Light’ - Kayla Dixon

Live Band:
Nathan Garrett - Vox / Guitar
Marcus Bryant - Drums
Chase Mason - Bass
Jeff Owens - Guitar

Photo Credit: Joey Maddon

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Download 300dpi printable (2 MB)

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