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The Black Flame


High Roller Records
Distribution: Soulfood


German extreme metal hopefuls SCHAFOTT hail from Dresden/Saxony. The four-piece have been around since 2011, released their demo ‘Satan’s Throne’ in 2014 (which was picked as “Demo of the Month” by German Deaf Forever magazine) and are now presenting the world with their first full-length effort “The Black Flame”.

Even though often filed under (slightly drunk and occult) “black/thrash”, SCHAFOTT really stand on their own, carving their own dark niche with vicious songs both full of incessant aggression and a dazzling melodic ingenuity. With their lyrics always focussing on all sorts of blasphemous forces and their dealings, SCHAFOTT never content themselves with your run-of-the-mill, bang-along metal song, but always aim for song-structures that go above and beyond.

The recordings for “The Black Flame” were done in SCHAFOTT’s own rehearsal room and in the ‘Lava Vault’ in Chemnitz: “We were able to use equipment from the ‘Time and Dust’ studio in Chemnitz and from another one in Dresden, which helped creating a very satisfying sound. We tried to do everything ourselves to have complete control over the whole process. Jonty Lava (Heretic, Abyssous) helped us a lot with everything and did a great job with mixing the album. We are very thankful for all the effort put into this release by all the people involved. The mastering was done by Patrick W. Engel, whose work and music we highly respect. This really rounded everything off.”

“The Black Flame” is adorned by a stunning cover artwork, contributed by talented artist Patricia Huck, who created the perfect visualisation both of the lyrics and the overall feeling of SCHAFOTT’s debut album. Apart from great art, “The Black Flame” also contains a really special feature: guest vocals done by Paul Schlesier from Black Salvation. Keep it burning!


1. Conflagration
2. Ostara
3. The Black Flame
4. Azazael's Dream
5. Eucharistic Birth
6. Total Cleansing
7. By The Lust Of The Witch
8. Satan's Throne
9. Sow The Salt


Assassor - Drums, Vocals
Wraith - Guitars
Molester - Guitars
Nemesis - Bass