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Art Of Propaganda


Art Of Propaganda is proud to present the highly anticipated debut album of Swedish Doom/Sludge/Post-Metallers GLOSON!

Earlier in 2015, the band's originally self-released "Yearwalker" EP was reissued by Art Of Propaganda to widespead critical acclaim. Although post-metal might be a very millennial creation, with peaks and valleys of creativity across an expansive spectrum, "Yearwalker" proved that fire still rumbles down below and newcomers can still offer new twists on an oft-tired subgenre. But now, with the release of "Grimen", GLOSON show that not only was that EP not a fluke, but more so that powerful, poignant art can emerge from humble beginnings and that "post-metal" is merely a springboard for bolder, more daring excursions into the beyond.

In the summer of 2012 in Sweden, a group of individuals came together with a solitary goal in mind: to create dark music offset with the smallest glimmer of hope. Thus are the beginnings of GLOSON. Instead of being inspired by political or religious themes, the band turned to their own personal and internal wastelands - to see what would manifest from their subconscious, writhing within this very cruel world. The first manifestation was 2014's "Yearwalker". Comprising four songs in 32 minutes, "Yearwalker" was initially released independently by GLOSON, but re-released a year later by Catatonic State in their homeland of Sweden and Art Of Propaganda for all other countries. The record would garner glowing reviews worldwide, thus setting the stage for "Grimen".

GLOSON's life as a band begins anew with "Grimen". "Yearwalker" already evinced the elan of veterans; GLOSON's grasp of sludgy, sometimes-sinister post-metal belied their young years as a band. On "Grimen", the extremes subtly suggested with "Yearwalker" open wider and make for an experience even more dynamic than its not-inconsiderable short-length predecessor. GLOSON already had a penchant for the epic on that EP, and stay the course on "Grimen". And yet, that "course" encompasses both darkness and light - and even grey, especially - both earth-moving heaviness and sky-scraping airiness, density and drift. It's a spaciousness that was only hinted at on Yearwalker, and which blooms fully on GLOSON's debut album. Within that slo-mo maelstrom, dual vocals wage narrative war, lending yet more dynamics to the band's increasingly finessed sound. This is all given robust, almost-Technicolor clarity courtesy of CULT OF LUNA's Magnus Lindberg, who mastered "Grimen" while Gloson's very own Mikael Sällström mixed it.

"Cringe" - Official lyric video: youtu.be/1OiAcixW6Yw


1. Prowler
2. Fabulist
3. Antlers
4. Cringe
5. Specter
6. Embodiment


Anders Persson – Guitar & vocals
Christian Larsson – Guitar & vocals
Mikael Sällström – Guitar & backing vocals
Kristoffer Bruhn – Bass & backing vocals
Samuel Karlsson - Drums