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Sick Man Getting Sick Records
Distribution: Soulfood Music


RASPAIL was born around 2010, by the will of three musicians, members and former members of bands like Klimt 1918, Psychotic Despair, Room With a View, Novembre.

The band was initially launched as a tribute to bands like early Katatonia, early Paradise Lost or October Tide - the typical 90s death/doom metal – but soon started to process an own sound in a personal way. Their different musical tastes and vision of music has deeply influenced the sound: Post Rock, Shoegaze, Drone, Ambient, Noise and Black Metal – everything is recognizable in RASPAIL’s music.

The band states: "The album is the result of a long process of composition and writing. We can describe the final result with an image: the old rural landscape all around Rome, cherished by the Romantic poets, with its imposing ruins covered in ivy and climbing, under the black vault of the night sky."

"We Should Not Grieve" - Official audio stream: sickmangettingsickrecords.bandcamp.com/album/dirge


1. The Wanderer (6:52)
2. The Nymph's Wood Hymn To The Rising Sun (5:50)
3. Vesevo (3:56)
4. Dirge (8:14)
5. One Step More To The Void (7:01)
6. We Should Not Grieve (4:07)
7. Ver Sacrum (8:34)
8. Et In Arcadio Ego (9:18)