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Slaughtered - Defiled - Dismembered


Go Fuck Yourself Productions
Release date: 31.10.2016


2011 was slowly goin’ down as German death-metal-horde GRAVEYARD GHOUL rose from the crypt to unleash their rotten filthy guts over the world. Started with the long time sold out demo tape „Necrocult”, the Ghoul released two full-length-albums, “Tomb Of The Mouldered Corpses” (2012) and “The Living Cemetery” (2013), and a split EP with Cryptic Brood entitled “The Graveyard Brood” (2014) so far. Since their rise the band played shows over Europe together with bands like Desaster, Benighted, Sadistic Intent, Possessed, Brutal Truth, Morbus Chron, Repuked, Acid Witch and many more. Now it’s time for the third bastard of unholy Old sGhoul Death Metal Madness! Be prepared to get struck down by the force of this terrifying record!

"Born Without Bones" - Stream: soundcloud.com/go-fuck-yourself-prod/graveyard-ghoul-born-without-bones


1. Mouldered To Madness (4:53)
2. Slaughtered - Defiled - Dismembered (4:42)
3. Born Without Bones (2:54)
4. Necrocult (2:14)
5. Pestilent (3:21)
6. VHS (3:16)
7. Woundfuck (7:30)
8. Necrotic Lust (4:38)
9. They Won't Stay Dead (3:28)
10. Amputation Masturbation (3:09)
11. Into Abyssal Spheres (3:18)


Tom "Tyrantor" Horrified - Vocals & Drums
Disgracer - Vocals & Guitar
Tombcrusher - Bass