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Drakon Darshan Satan


Dark Descent Records


The Red Black Clan of NOX FORMULAE returns with their second sonic grimoire of Higher Black Magic. Delving deeper into the Draconian Universe and the Shadow Current emanating from the hidden and relatively unexplored realms of the Qlipha of the Concealers, Satariel, Archon of which is the second face of Lucifer, the Mighty King Lucifuge Rofocale.

DRAKON - DARSHAN - SATAN is based - music and lyric wise - on the grimoire “At the Outskirts of the Shadow Current: The Dark Initiation in this lifetime” by Daemon Gharrassielh and all those Dark Traditions offered by the Red Dragon to humanity.

DRAKON - DARSHAN - SATAN is a musical outcome of actual experiences that took place both on the physical and spiritual planes during the time years 2015-2019. The Shadow Allies are here, welcome the Arrival of Noctifer!

"Psychopath of NOX" - Official Track Stream: https://youtu.be/f0E1NiDIHck


1. Psychopath of NOX
2. Ravens of Terror
3. Eclipse of Gharrasielh
4. The Black Stone of Satan
5. The Blood Oath of Thagirion
6. The Arrival of Noctifer
7. Berzeks of OD
8. Eve of Annihilation


Wolfsbane 1.1: Guitars and Vocals
Monkshood 333: Lead Vocals
V.V.V: Bass
Mezcal: Drums and Percussion