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Sword Of Kohan


Ván Records
Distribution: Soulfood


THESE HAND CONSPIRE is a Heavy Metal quintet based in Berlin, Germany. Starting out as a psychedelic jam project, the band soon found a steady formation and recorded a 2-song-demo in 2013, defining their songs and actual sound. With a predilection for the metal sound of the 80's, the golden era of Heavy Metal, but also feeling connected to 70's psychedelic and doom, THC's sound is a multi-faceted tribute to the basic vibe of metal from the 70's to the present, a mixture between melodious heroic uptempo parts, pushing mid-tempo stoner and mystic doom. Not a copy of the initial pioneers with a pointedly retro sound, but a new rendition of heavy metal in a modern shape and sound. In their lyrics the group tells the story of Ilior the Nova Rider from the planet Korhan, a giant god-king in a humanoid form, who is fated to travel through the galaxies with his companions to fulfill a previously unidentified mission. In 2015 THESE HANDS CONSPIRE finished the recordings of their full length debut album, which is now presented to you by Ván Records.


1. Intro
2. Praise To The Nova Rider
3. The Beast Cometh
4. The Inner Core Of The Middle Su
5. The Battle Of Sur
6. Ambush At Antarox IV
7. Son Of Korhan
8. Outro