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Thy Kingdom Come


Funeral Industries
October 2015


As above so below…. Spread the hate and let it be known: the soundtrack of utter darkness & hell is approaching! US black metallers AGRATH are back with their second full-length and deliver nasty and raw tunes for friends of Diocletian, Blasphemy, Darkthrone's Transilvanian Hunger, Root, Master's Hammer or Mortuary Drape. AGRATH's lyrics are misanthropic, full of hatred towards society and humanity in general, dealing with the coming of eternal darkness and chaos. Ignotus (Drums) and Lord Thammuz (Guitars & Vocals) are also members of the renowned Negative Plane.


1. From Beyond…
2. Litany
3. Legion of Darkness
4. La catedral del dolor
5. Thy Kingdom Come
6. Hell From Above (Apocalyptic Descent)
7. Curse
8. Life Ends
9. Messiah of Death


Black Spectrum - Bass (also: Ominous Resurrection)
Ignotus - Drums (also: Lucifugo, Negative Plane, Ominous Resurrection)
Lord Thammuz - Guitars, Vocals (also: Negative Plane - live)