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Redemption From Refaim
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Ranka Kustannus
27.11.2015 (GER)
Distribution: Soulfood


Reindeer Metal from Kuusamo, Finland. Established in 1987.

With its roots firmly planted in the barren lands of Kuusamo, Finland, A.R.G. is a child of the Finnish mid- to late 80s thrash metal explosion. The band started in 1987 as a pastime between a bunch of thrash crazed friends “on full speed with zero skills”, as guitarist/vocalist Jari Kelloniemi puts it, with S.O.D. influences and hardcore punk attitude.
Now, after a 15+ year hiatus and their comeback in early 2011, the elder statesmen of Finnish thrash return with a brandnew album called “Redemption from Refaim”. A.R.G. anno 2015 present to you an album with enough musical somersaults, hairpin curves and about-turns to delight a demanding aficionado of technical thrash, a firm grasp of brand of yet whipping brutal and in-yer-face to bang the head that doesn't bang!


01. Intro: Spectral Haze
02. Overlord
03. Defiled
04. Embodiment (Last Breath of Hades)
05. Random Act of Cruelty
06. Hypocritical Rites
07. Ramming Down Your Throat
08. Equilibrium
09. Bloodstar
10. Refaim


Heathenism In Penitentuary (demo) - 1987
Aggressive Confessor 7" EP - 1988
Pesticide (demo) - 1988
Rip Your Flesh (demo) - 1989
Prevailing Sickness 7" - 1989
Entrance - 1989 (reissued 2012)
Back To Life 12" - 1990
One World Without the End - 1991 (reissued 2012)
Poronormal Activity (demo) - 2014


Tenho Kareen - bass, vocals
Jari Kelloniemi – guitar, vocals
Vesa Säkkinen – guitar, vocals
Timo Hanhijoki - drums