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Above Lords, Below Earth


GFY Productions
1. June 2019


Nineteen years into their lifespan, TURBOCHARGED now returns with their fifth full-length album! With titles like “AntiXtian”, “Area 666”, “Militant” and “Apocalyptic” in their discography you know that it’s going to get ugly once again. The upcoming release, “Above Lords, Below Earth” contains twelve songs of filthy blasphemies launched with full energy straight into your skull. The trademark d-beats are there, the blastbeats are highly violent and their message stands clear: TURBOCHARGED never came in peace!

"The Burning Of A Redeemer" - Official Track Stream:


1. The Crawling Path Of Worms
2. Total Doom Arise
3. Above Lords, Below Earth
4. Doomsday Hammer
5. Low-tech Blasphemy
6. Thirteen Burials
7. Obscurant
8. Harbingers At Dawn
9. The Burning Of A Redeemer
10. Black Tornado
11. Dried Blood (The Heretic Confession)
12. Unholy Deathpunk


Ronnie Ripper - Bass / Lead Throat
Freddie Fister - Drums / Throat
Old Nick - Guitars

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