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Night Of Eternal Doom


War Anthem Records / Soulfood


ERED is without doubt one of the finest black/death metal hordes hailing from Spain these days. Totally dedicated and true to the very roots of their genre. Spawned back in 1996 by Abyssal(bass, voc) and Shogoth(gui), the band preserves the flame of sheer, traditional black/death metal with a suitable dose of melodiousness and a damaging portion of unbound darkness and utter brutality. Fans of the early Scandinavian black/death metal wave will simply love this album. The band features S.B.E (ex-Graveyard) on guitars; the album was mastered at Necromorbus Studio.


1. Ancient Abominations
2. Ripped From The Abyss
3. Storms
4. Nocturnal Revelations
5. Night Of Eternal Doom
6. Pestilent Black Fog
7. Blackwitch
8. Dark Temple Congregation
9. Black Coffins And Funeral Curses
10. Eternal Wisdom
11. A Black Mass For Satanas (Mortal Mutilation Cover)


Shogoth : Guitar
Abyssal : Vocals / Bass
S.B.E. : Guitar
Jordi Farré : Drums


Soulhunter – demo 1998
Darkmageddon – demo 2002
Realms Of The Scorn – demo 2003
Born In A Frozen Hell – album 2005
Goatworshipping Metal – album 2010
+ Diverse split albums between 2007 and 2013