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Earth Ground


Witching Hour Productions


THAW is a Polish black/experimental metal band, founded in 2010, which consists of members of acclaimed bands such as Sun For Miles, Searching For Calm and Furia. Having recorded their debut album "Decay" in 2010 the group signed to prominent Avantgarde Music label (Katatonia, Ulver, Behemoth, Mayhem) to release their self-titled second LP in 2013. THAW is praised for its loud, energetic live shows. They shared stages with such bands as Jarboe, Jucifer, Altar Of Plagues, Corrections Hous, performed at prestigious festivals (Assymetry Festival, Metalfest) and supported Behemoth on their tour in 2013. THAW's music is an original blend of black metal, sludge/doom and sonic experiments with noise, electronics and free-impro.


1. First Day
2. Afterkingdom
3. Sun
4. No Light
5. Second Day
6. Soil
7. Winter's Bone
8. Last Day


2010 - Decay (CD– self-released)
2013 - s/t (CD- Avantgarde Music)
2013 - w/Outre - split (MC- Third Eye Temple)
2014 - w/Echoes OF Yul – split (CD- instant Classic)
2014 – Decay/Advance (2x CD, Witching Hour Productions)
2014 –Earth Ground (CD/LP, Witching Hour Productions)