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Anticipation For Blood Leveled In Darkness
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Saturnal Records / PHD


"The serpent under whose auspices gather all who share the faith and music as the vehicle for the expression of the Serpent's power"

VOODOO GODS is a death metal supergroup founded in America with a roster of international musicians. Most of the lyrics deals with the themes of Voodoism, Anti-Christianity and Spirits of the Nature when musically the band states themselves playing METAL with major influences coming from the areas of death and thrash metal which in the hands of VOODOO GODS is delivered as an expression of spirituality and the connection with divinity and the spirit world.

VOODOO GODS were founded in 2001 under the name SHRUNKEN HEAD at Tampa, Florida, USA by Alex "Voodoo" Von Poschinger, Tony Norman and Seth Van De Loo. In early 2006 Hiro (who had played with such bands as: Dies Irae, Sceptic, Decapitated, and Virgin Snatch) joined VOODOO GODS on guitars and Nergal (Behemoth) on vocals.

In 2007 bass guru Jean Baudin (known for Nuclear Rabbits and Element of Surprise), Mike Browning (ex-Morbid Angel, ex-Nocturnus, ex-Acheron.) and guitar legend David Shred Demon Shankle (ex-Manowar, David Shankle Band) on lead guitars joined the band. By the time the band had worked for a long time their songs in different continents and finally in the year 2008 the EP titled "Shrunken Head" was first released.

In 2014 VOODOO GODS was joined by legendary George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher (Cannibal Corpse) to replace Nergal in vocals who had to leave the band due to busy schelude with Behemoth. With Corpsegrinder the VOODOO GODS finished the recordings of the band's debut album at the Andy LaRocque's (King Diamond) Sonic Train Studios at Varberg, Sweden.

In spring 2014 VOODOO GODS signed to Saturnal Records (excl. North America, Japan & Poland) to release the band's debut album titled "Anticipation For Blood Leveled In Darkness".

VOODOO GODS is an ancestral musical system of worship and ritual practices where gods are born and honored with the veneration of ancient and recent ancestors who earlier ruled the same tutelary gods. VOODOO GODS shares metaphysical conceptions based on dual cosmological machinery of art.


George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher - Vocals
Seth Van De Loo - Vocals
David Shankle - Lead guitars
Hiro - Guitars
Jean Baudin - Bass guitar
Alex "Voodoo" Von Poschinger - Drums


1. Return of the Rainbown Serpent
2. The Termination of God
3. The Astral Dawn-Devotion to the Great Nebula
4. Cetewayo
5. Endeavours of a Syphilitic Missionary and his Death - Dawn of the Voodoo Ostinati
6. Renaissance of Retribution
7. Wrath of the Invisible Children
8. Article 246