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Day Of The Dead


Ranka Kustannus


Forever the Desperado is #1! on Radio City Finland! The four beerdrinkin hellraisers from Hellsinki have done it with their 5th album "Day of the dead". Don't be fooled by the title! In Mexico the day of the dead is a day of celebration and so is this album. From Smoking Dynamite to the title track to Last Call this album is a celebration of good hard rock'n'roll spiced with tequila and beer.

When the radio hit "Acapulco" from their previous album "Saved by Rock n Roll" became the official beer-drinking song of last summer these Finnish Bastards began to reach a wider audience. Now they are on a roll!

The Bastardos are a tight bunch of seasoned rockers who not only are long time friends but one hell of a band who've "done this and done that" very well for a long time. Since 2007 they have toured with Aerosmith and Motörhead and opened up for the likes of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple and Metallica. Four amigos flying the flag to Keep On Rocking!

Having immediately established a fan base with the bikers and the American car enthusiasts, their brand of hard rock became known as Motor Rock.

LBF have played the clubs and festivals around Scandinavia for many years and also toured and played festivals in France, Sweden, Latvia, Germany and the UK.

This summer they are already booked for a prime time friday night slot at the Harley Davidson Super Rally, the biggest H-D bash in Europe, which is this year in Estonia.

Dig the albums and videos and check out the band live when ever you can! Make sure you've got a frosty one in your hand 'cos you'll be needing it!



01. Smokin’ Dynamite
02. Rocket Science
03. The day Of The Dead
04. Goddess Of the Valley
05. End Of The World
06. You can’t
07. Forever the Desperado
08. End Of The World/A Kick In The Balls
09. Old Dog In The Rain
10. Last Call for Rock’n’Roll


Bryn " El Taff" Jones - vocals and bass
Olli " Don Osmo" Kykkänen - guitar and vocals
Ben "El Gringo" Granfelt - lead guitar and vocals
Twist Twist "El Grande" Erkinharju - drums


My Name Is El Muerte (2007)
Return Of El Diablo (2008)
El Grande's Saloon (2009)
Saved By Rock 'N' Roll (2011)