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Prisoners Of The Sun
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Quality Steel Records / Soulfood


AJUNA‘s music is “Psychological” and “Pre-Conscious”. Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, AJUNA collectively created an introverted universe that revolves around emotional suffering, parallel realities, eccentric philosophy and death. QUALITY STEEL RECORDS is going to release the psychotically atmospheric, dark toned and harsh debut full length album “Prisoners of the Sun” in the fall of 2013. Consisting of 7 songs, “Prisoners Of The Sun” was recorded and mixed by producer Jacob Bredahl (The Kandidate, The Psyche Project, Koldborn, As we fight, The Burning, By the Patient, Helhorse.. etc.).

AJUNA is: Skovsted • Hufsa • Helmer • Trampe • Hartfelt


1. Tribute
2. Medicin
3. Invisible Cut
4. Suntomb
5. Kaos
6. Death
7. Winter