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In Splendor Below


Agonia Records / Soulfood


With a history tracing back to the epicentre of melodic death metal in Sweden, OCTOBER TIDE have come a long way and have generated a spark that is strongly felt in the energy of the scene.

"In Splendor Below" is the latest addition to their vibrant discography of guitar-driven, emotive death/doom metal art. It packs some of the most authentic and unique compositions from the capable hands of long-time Katatonia members, Fredrik & Mattias Norrman & co. Fredrik Norrman formed OCTOBER TIDE in 1995 with another Katatonia member, Jonas Renske (also of Bloodbath), and have since made it the apple of his eye; initially dividing his time between Katatonia (whose line-up also included his brother, Mattias) and OCTOBER TIDE. The early years were rich in two albums recorded with Renske, nowadays enjoying cult-like status: "Rain Without End" (1997) and "Grey Dawn" (1999). What followed was a nearly eleven-year hiatus, crowned by parting of ways with Katatonia and a refreshed purpose. The revived band released three studio albums and evolved through several personnel shifts (which made OCTOBER TIDE a temporary home to, among other artists, Jocke Wallgren of Amon Amarth and Tobias Netzell of In Mourning). The line-up eventually consolidated around both Norrman brothers & former Katatonia musicians - Fred and Mattias - and Demonical's lead singer, Alexander Högbom.

"In Splendor Below" was mixed and mastered by Karl Daniel Lidén at Tri-Lamd studios (Bloodbath, Katatonia, Breach, Craft). It was produced by Alexander Backlund from Nailvillage Studio (Thenighttimeproject / Letters From Colony) and OCTOBER TIDE. Tomarum av Christine Linde created the cover artwork.

"I, The Polluter" - Official Track Stream: https://youtu.be/dQWHmcCE-PU


1. I, The Polluter
2. We Died in October
3. Ögoblick Av Nåd
4. Stars Starve Me
5. Our Famine
6. Guide My Pulse
7. Seconds
8. Envy Of The Moon


Alexander Högbom - vocals
Fredrik Norrman - guitars
Jonas Sköld - drums
Johan Jönsegård - bass
Mattias Norrman - guitars

Photo Credit: Alexander Backlund

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