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Soulseller Records


Four years since their last album, Norwegian Black/Thrashers VESEN finally return with a new release. Quite uncommon for the genre, “Rorschach” is a concept album and though it may sound progressive, the music is actually more regressive in a sense. But of course VESEN explore new ideas and grounds as well and head onwards in all directions at the same time, creating a unique and matured blend. Do the Rorschach test and diagnose!

VESEN was formed 1998-99 in Skogbygda, Norway, with the intent to pour out some ugly blackend thrash. After having released 4 demos in the early days, the first full-length “Ugly” followed in 2005. 2009 and 2011 saw the 2nd (“Desperate Mindless Aggression”) and 3rd (“Goat Carcass Rising”) albums released, all on various underground labels. The band’s fourth outburst “This Time It’s Personal” was unleashed by Soulseller Records in 2012.

"Final Insult" - Audio clip: youtu.be/9dg1VDRNbN4


1. Damnation Path (3:05)
2. Pray for Fire (4:41)
3. Target: Horizon (4:40)
4. Blood, Bones and Pride (6:08)
5. Screaming Sane (3:20)
6. Crown of Scars (2:48)
7. Vulgar, Old and Sick Blasphemy (5:34)
8. All in Vain (1:07)
9. Away the Tormentor (7:30)
10. Final Insult (2:48)


Dag Olav Husås - Drums
Ronny Østli - Guitars, Vocals
Thomas Ljosåk - Guitars, Vocals
Stein Roger Sund - bass