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Spinefarm Records / Universal


Groovy thrash metal bangers Profane Omen have proved since their inception in 1999 that whatever they may have lacked in finesse in the past, they’ve always made up in willpower. Call it resilience, stubbornness or whatever, it’s been PO against the world right from the start. See, if you keep hitting your head to the wall long enough… no wall can take it forever. This bunch of heads can.

Gone unsigned through seven (!) demos and five line-up changes, the unit finally scored their 1st record deal in 2005. Hindered by the scene gatekeepers only, PO instantly got some serious love from the metal audience who lifted the debut album “Beaten Into Submission” to position #28 on the Finnish Album Chart and voted PO the “Newcomer of the Year” at Finnish Metal Awards 2007. Profane Omen paid back in kind, hitting festival stages at the stalwarts of Finnish metal festivals Tuska Open Air and Jalometalli, and dropping the “Disconnected” EP, which in turn reached #4 on the Finnish Single Chart.

In the start of 2009 the 2nd album “Inherit The Void” cemented Profane Omen as a household name on the Finnish metal and rock scene, ascending to #9 on the Finnish Album Chart and blagging heaps more of critical appraisal. The album tenure not only saw PO play their first ever shows outside Finland, the band also presented their audience with a more laid-back angle to their music, strumming the heartstrings of fans old and new alike with acoustic arrangements of older songs.
2010 saw Lahti bangers switch bass players and join forces with Finland’s premier heavy metal foundry Spinefarm Records. 3rd album “Destroy!” was recorded with the new 4-string slinger Antti Seroff. Not only did the chemistry in the band evolve, so too did the sound. “Destroy!” debuted at #15 on the Album Chart and saw PO play a humungous number of gigs, including a show in Japan, festivals like Sonisphere and Sauna Open Air and tour support slots for bands like Amon Amarth and Ensiferum.

The group's 4th album “Reset” sees the band go for the jugular once more. Melodically more diverse than ever, PO still lays waste on the scene like a velvet fist to the throat. Armed to the teeth with the trademark incandescent aggression and energy, now the band sounds sweet to boot!


01. The Instigator
02. Mind The Trap
03. Trails
04. Intruder
05. Percules
06. Incognito
07. The Ego
08. The Garden
09. Sonic Wings


Jules Näveri - vocals
Williami Kurki - guitar
Antti Kokkonen - guitar
Antti Seroff - bass, backing vocals
Samuli Mikkonen - drums


Beaten into Submission 2006
Disconnected EP 2007
Inherit The Void 2009
Destroy! 2011
Reset 2013