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In Bondage To The Serpent


Debemur Morti Productions
Distribution Germany: Soulfood


The bastard spawn of Teloch (NIDINGR, MAYHEM), Espen T. Hangård (ALTAAR), Dan Lilker (NUCLEAR ASSAULT) and Andreas Johnson (TYRANT), NUNFUCKRITUAL's debut album "In Bondage To The Serpent" crawls from the gutter like a diseased, decayed and decrepit corpse; a choking dirge; a hideous, malformed infestation of filthy underground Metal that ignores trends, defies categorisation and brings together some of the darkest, blackest, nastiest manifestations ever committed to tape. Degraded and corrupt, these six blasphemous conjurations call upon decades of extreme Metal experience to devastating effect, resulting in an album so gross, rank and genuinely disturbing that it is the aural equivalent of being cannibalised by the leprous sisters Plague and Death. An insidious poison running through your veins, slowing devouring your life force, until nothing remains, but ruin. Obsidian incantations seethe with pure evil energy, summoning ancient deities to commit terrible atrocities against organised religion, a celebration of the ultimate triumph of mankind's dark side. Swarming, swirling and shimmering with mal-intent, "In Bondage To The Serpent" breaks new ground with its omnipresent, all-consuming "evil" vibe. This eerie, potent brew is, quite simply, a manifestation of pure, undiluted evil. Sickness never sounded so good. Or so real...


1. Theotokos
2. Komodo Dragon, Mother Queen
3. Christotokos
4. Cursed Virgin, Pregnant Whore
5. Parthenogen
6. In Bondage To The Serpent