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Slayer Of Gods


Ranka Kustannus / Soulfood


After what felt like a curse and somehow came to be a five-year wait, Helsinki, Finland's epic pagan metal horde BRYMIR has risen to raid our ears and pillage our raging hearts with their hotly anticipated second album titled "Slayer of Gods". This astonishing tour de force of epic heathen grandeur will be unleashed on May 25th in Japan by Victor Records, and on June 3rd in Finland, Germany and the UK by Ranka Kustannus, and digitally worldwide.

Relieved and stoked, the band describes the album: “It is full of compact, hard-hitting and angry, yet also epic and overflowing material. You can easily hear how we used the frustration we felt at the arduous years-long process of making this album as an inspiration; it is definitely the darkest we've ever been. But at the same time the epic feel, orchestrations and melodic lines are at their biggest and catchiest as well!”

A veritable storm of pagan metal symphony, “Slayer Of Gods” will leave its listener forever branded a Brymir fan. The album’s grandeur was born from the same origin that gave birth to e.g. the world-conquering, revered albums of fellow Finns Wintersun, Moonsorrow and Ensiferum. Its sources; ancient northern folklore and mythology, the proud tradition of excellence in Finnish extreme metal and sovereign mastery of the traits of classical orchestrations. Combine all this with an un-quenching thirst for artistic freedom; the musical, individual and philosophical evolution of the band during the past five years, and a plethora of human feelings ranging from aggression, despair and hatred to ambition and hope, and you’re being treated with an album that not only entails but transcends everything you ever knew about pagan metal.

Without a label for the entirety of the production process, the band produced, recorded, engineered and mixed the album entirely themselves, with no outside help or finances. If that – with a staggering result like this – is not a testimony to BRYMIR’s never-say-die fighting spirit, we don’t know what is.

BRYMIR completed their work – with flying colors. Now heed them Stormsouls, it’s your time to bring down The Black Hammer and fly the banner high!

"For Those Who Died" - Offical Video: youtu.be/QvXM9ZvZ0zo


01. Intro
02. For Those Who Died
03. Risen
04. The Black Hammer
05. Nephilim
06. Prelude
07. Slayer Of Gods
08. Thus I Became Kronos
09. Stormsoul
10. The Rain
11. Pantheon Of Forsaken Gods


Breathe Fire To The Sun (2011)
Slayer Of Gods (2016)


Viktor Gullichsen - lead vocals
Joona Björkroth - guitar & vocals
Sean Haslam - guitar
Jarkko Niemi - bass & vocals
Patrik Fält - drums
Janne Björkroth - keys & vocals