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Am Pranger...


Ván Records / Soulfood


GRAUPEL was banded back in 1995 by Zingultus (also known with NAGELFAR, GRAVEN and ENDSTILLE) and started as 3 individuals giving expression to their vision of raw and uncompromising Black Metal, as 2 comrades stood beside him that time.

After some years of creative progress and a refoundation with the new additional Members Gnarl (guitars-VERDUNKELN), Greuel (bass) and Ratatyske (drums-also in VERDUNKELN), GRAUPEL released their first Demo called `Als der Nebel…´ back in 2001.

This demo was followed by exclusive contributions to compilation samplers and a split 7” with ENCOMIUM, released in 2004 on 500 sold out copys by WESTWALL/PHLEGETHON PROD.

Meanwhile GRAUPEL was working on material for the first full-length album entitled `Auf alten Wegen...´, which was finally released by COLD DIMENSIONS back in 2005. During this period, Greuel had to leave the band because of lack of time. And the album turned out as it was meant to be: a cold, raw and uncompromising Black Metal opus, freezing your soul with 10 black and “straight in the face” storms.

But no time to rest, GRAUPEL started out in 2006 rehearsing for their following release: a limited Split-LP with Germany´s Black Metal Rockstars No.1 ENDSTILLE called `Lauschangriff…´. It was released by PRANGER PRODUCTIONS in co-operation with NORDISCHE STAHLWERKE on 500 items and pretty fast sold out. A controversial release to split the black-metal-scene-moral, but a statement to tell everybody to FUCK OFF!

After this release, long-time friend Hiemos (ex-STRONGHOLDE) joined the vacant bass position and the band started out working on their second full-length album `Am Pranger...´ Due to several problems it took a long time finishing it...

Meanwhile GRAUPEL changed the host and left COLD DIMENSIONS to sign with VÁN RECORDS because of sentimental reasons. Finally everything worked fine out in 2010, so `Am Pranger...´ is set to be released on December, 24th. Merry Christmas...´cause there is just one thing to count:

With the special denouncing kind and amount of emotional energy which Black Metal should always unleash, GRAUPEL PREVAILS!!!

Current recording line-up:

Zingultus – voices
Gnarl – guitars
Hiemos – bass
Ratatyske - drums