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Omens Of Doom


Dark Essence Records / Soulfood


After a few years of silence, Sulphur is back with their signature brand of technical, blackened death metal. “Omens of Doom” traverse the twilight between the brutal and the epic, and vary from being the soundtrack of destruction to the soundscape of the aftermath. The band has once again worked in Conclave & Earshot Studios with longtime collaborator Bjørnar E. Nilsen (Taake/Helheim/Vulture Industries) for the production, while Herbrand Larsen (Enslaved/Gorgoroth/Audrey Horne) mastered the album.

Comprising past and present members from bands like Gorgoroth, Aeternus, Enslaved and Vulture Industries; Sulphur is a force to be reckoned with. The band started out from nineties BM outfit Taakeriket at the turn of the millennium, intent to follow a path set between death and black metal, spiced up with a progressive mindset . As a quartet, they recorded the demo “A Relic for the Damned” in October 2000. This lead to playing live support for Aeternus and a slot at the Hole In The Sky Festival 2001.

After a couple of dormant years Sulphur returned to life in 2005, this time with a reinforced line-up and their second demo “Outburst Of Desecration”. This demo lead to a deal with Osmose Productions and the band started to work on their debut album. Following a second Hole in the Sky festival performance in 2005, the band entered the studio to record “Cursed Madness”. The album was released to great reviews in 2007.

In 2009 Sulphur returned with the more challenging than ever “Thorns in Existence” to great acclaim. This lead the band on tour Europe together with Taake, Helheim and Vulture Industries. With main songwriter Øyvind Madsen being very occupied with Vulture Industries this was followed by a period of low activity. Fortunately, the cauldron never stopped boiling, and the band is now back with their 3rd album, "Omens of Doom".


1. The Force of our Fall
2. Gathering Storms
3. The Devil’s Pyre
4. Plague and Pestilence
5. Omens of Doom
6. Rise of the Mushroom Clouds
7. Alt svartner


Thomas Skinlo Høyven – Vocals
Øyvind Madsen – Guitars, Keybords & Programming
Vegard Hovland – Bass
Erik Heggernes – Drums
Martin Lynn - Guitars