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Schwarzdorn Production


Formed in Iceland 2002 as the solo project of Einar Thorberg Guðmundsson aka Eldur (CURSE, POTENTIAM), the main purpose of FORTID was to put one of the most important Ásatrú literature, "Völuspá", into musical form with a trilogy.

In 2003 the debut "Völuspá part I: Thors Anger" was released. Due to this being a side project at that time, the second album "Völuspá part II: The Arrival of Fenris" took its time until it finally hit the scene in 2007. After moving to Norway in 2008 and finishing the trilogy in 2010 with "Völuspá part III: Fall of the Ages”, Eldur returned with a full line-up band which resulted in numerous live shows across Europe. The three new members brought new elements to the soundscapes of FORTID and together they created the fourth album called ‘Pagan Prophecies’ (2012) - the first monument of a new FORTID era.

Now the band returns with a new opus, entitled "9", provided with nine songs of extreme, harsh, yet melodic Pagan/Black Metal.


1. Hrafnar
2. Hugur
3. Nornir
4. Viska
5. Leit
6. 9
7. Galdur
8. Runir
9. Hof


E. Thorberg - Guitars, Vocals
Ø. Hansen - Guitars
R. Jonsson - Bass
D. Theobald - Drums


Völuspá Part I: Thor's Anger (2003)
Völuspá Part II: The Arrival of Fenris (2007)
Völuspá Part III: Fall of the Ages (2010)
Pagan Prophecies (2012)
9 (2015)