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Front The Final Foes


Debemur Morti Productions
Distribution - Germany: Soulfood


Roaring with venomous intent out of Hobart, Tasmania, RUINS blend an ominous Dark / Death Metal dynamic with robust, menacing and melancholic Black Metal. After a bleak winter of fertile creativity, the destructive Black Metal horde returns already with its third full-length offering of dark, inverted Black Metal art. Hot on the heels of Debemur Morti Productions debut ‘Cauldron’, the enraged antipodeans strike back with eight new compositions of eerily daunting yet thoroughly modern blackness, astutely conceived and precisely delivered. Propelled by prominent, rich drumming and constructed upon a chugging framework of classic (bleak, despairing) Black Metal, "Front The Final Foes" is a forceful, evocative demonstration of absolute defiance, a nihilistic knee to the nerve centre of existence. Awash with vehemence and contaminated by the sickly blackness that pulses unperceived through every dark heart, this is the personification of malignity, the birth of malice, the genesis of anti-life.


1. Breath Of Void
2. The Sum Of Your Loss
3. Cult Rapture
4. Annihilate
5. Front The Final Foes
6. Hallways Of The Always
7. Keeping This Crown
8. With These Winged Words


Alex - Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Dave - Drums