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Moulding The Deformed


War Anthem Records / Soulfood


Leading the way in brutal death/grind since 1994, INHUME started out as a 9 piece on the initial try-out but nowadays slinked down to a quintet setting out to conquer the world with unmatched brutality and grinding madness.

Having released 3 full length cd's and several split's so far, destroying stages all over the world INHUME to date has become one of the biggest Death/Grind acts around with a live reputation as being one of the best out there!


INHUME - "Demo I" (Sept/Oct 1995)
INHUME - "Demo II - "The Missing Limb"(May 1997)
BLOOD/INHUME Split 7" (1998)
INHUME - "Decomposing from Inside" (2000) [Bones Brigade, France]
INHUME - "In for The Kill" (2003) [Osmose Productions, France]
Relapse Sampler "Dutch Assault" (2003) [Relapse Records, USA]
INHUME "Chaos Dissection Order" (2007) [Osmose Productions, France]
INHUME/MUMAKIL Split 7" (2008) [Relapse Records, USA]
Relapse "Slimewave Series" Sampler (2008) [Relapse Records, USA]