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Marching Towards Devastation
Axis Powers


Pulverised Records / Soulfood
May 2009 (GER)


Battalion warcommanders AXIS POWERS charges forth with a brand new full-length “Marching Towards Destruction”. Taking real-life adaptations of the horrific incidents of the cruel war and militaristic concepts throughout the whole album, this is an excellent marriage between the chainsaw-grind harshness of the old Swedish Death Metal sound gelling perfectly with the vile environment of war!

“Marching Towards Destruction” is a simple yet effective approach and totally reminiscent of the early Swedish bands that conquered the Extreme Metal scene in the early nineties.

With members from the Swedish Deathrashers Suicidal Winds, this is just simply the most straight-up War Metal there is today, no one should miss this! Stunning artwork and layout by Romanian artist Costin Chioreanu at Twilight13Media (Grave, Demonical, etc) and with the entire album produced at Studio Evocation by Vesa Kenttäkumpu (Suicidal Winds, Evocation, Lake Of Tears, etc).


1. Marching Towards Destruction (From San Francisco To Stockholm)
2. War Of Attrition
3. Brutal War
4. Outbreak Of The Blitz
5. Mankind Dead And Raped
6. Slowly To Decay
7. Another Onslaught
8. Forward March
9. Artillery Pointing West


Axis Powers was formed in 1997 at a summer party at Åberg’s house. Matt, Pete and Chris talked about how they all worship the old Swedish Death Metal when someone came up with the brilliant idea: to start a band that plays Swedish Death Metal and combine it with world war lyrics. And the line-up was: Matt on bass/vocals, Chris on drums and Pete on guitar. They start to write songs and booked a studio in 98 to record a demo but the studio was fucked up so the recording never happened.

In 99, Matt felt that he would concentrate more on his vocals, so they recruited Fred on bass. Fred also shared this passion for Death Metal and war so he fitted in perfectly. In December the same year, they finally recorded the "Evil Warriors" EP at the Studio Lobster in Smögen.

In 2000, they recruited a second guitarist called Karl "The Kid" Nilsson and started rehearsing some new tunes. In late 2001, they contacted Evocation’s mastermind Vesa Kenttäkumpu in order to record their second EP "Born For War" as a producer. The record turned out to be fucking powerful and good sounding, but letting Fred taking care of the business to release it was a bad decision as it never had seen the light even up to this day. After the recording, Karl quit/got fired, he never shared their passion for Death Metal but no hard feelings.

In 2002, Axis Powers was very unproductive but in 2003, they started to write some new melodies and in 2004, they entered the Fullmoon Studio to record 4 new songs that were aimed for 2 split EPs. One was with the maniacs of Bestial Mockery and the other with the Satanic version of Laurel and Hardy namely Ill-Natured. Both EPs were fucking great from all of the bands and had gained them some interests from the underground.

In 2005, they finally got a record deal with the well respected Iron fist Productions and they recorded the "Pure Slaughter" CD in Fullmoon Studio and it was released the same year with some overall positive responses from underground around the world. In 2006, Axis Powers made their first live appearance on the classic "Körpehölsfestivalen" and later that year a second live performance in a youth creation centre. For the whole of 2007, their only focus was writing new songs so nothing more happened that year. 2008 was a positive start for Axis Powers and they have 8 new songs for the next album and hopefully will be recorded this year. Once again, they played the "Körpehölsfestival" and the concert was a great success for both for the band and as well as for the audience. To be continued.......... Remember keep Death alive!