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Slava Smrti
May Result


Battlegod Productions / Twilight


6th Full Length album from the Serbian Black/Death Metal Legends. Cold and Dark Slavic Black Metal. This is the ultimate release from Serbia and I am sure lovers of early Emperor will really enjoy this release! Limited Edition Digipack with a 24 page booklet printed on special paper.


1. Prognan
2. Hold the World in the Hands of Sulphur
3. Eternal Eulogy
4. Velika bela pricina
5. At the Cursed Heights of Prokletije
6. Slava Smrti
7. Odar vran
8. The Horny and the Horned (Impaled Nazarene cover)


ThyIgnoramus et Ignorabimus - Demo, 1996
Gorgeous Symphonies of Evil - Full-length, 2000
Tmina - Full-length, 2001
U Slavu Rogova Naših - Full-length, 2003
Svetogrdje -Full-length, 2004
Black Chapters -Best of/Compilation, 2006
Live Curse from the East - DVD, 2006
Decenija Crnog Plamena - live - Full-length, 2007


Glad – Vocals
Kozeljnik – Guitars
Dusan – Guitars
Urok – Keys
Demonetras – Bass
L.G. – Drums