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Thousand Ways To Look Clever
The Colombos


Regain Records / Soulfood


With love of music as the least common denominator The Colombos is formed by five men in the town of Västerås, Sweden, in 2002. This love is central in the creative process and takes on different forms as the band progresses. In The Colombos infant stages the guitar and the drums bring forth the noisy garage sound with a busy and energetic Farfisa organ that glues it all together. During this time the material is aggressive and the live shows are short and intense, which is also reflected on the releases ”Extended Play” (EP, WY Ljudproduktion, 2003) and ”Bang Bang” (EP, Highlight Music, 2006). Live, the audience will see a band that squeezes every watt out of the amplifiers and every drop of sweat out of themselves. The music delivered is hard, straightforward and structured, despite an atmosphere on and off stage that might seem a bit chaotic to bystanders.

The band manages to do a lot of gigs, including support slots for The Soundtrack Of Our Lives and Division of Laura Lee. With the passing of time and road miles the word about The Colombos live supremacy spreads across the country and the band members form an intense bond, on and off stage. The philosophy is more or less to just go straight ahead and not dwell on the artistic decisions too long. This leads to a period of turmoil and conflict within the band, mostly concerning the musical and creative direction. Out of the disputes The Colombos’ future sound is cemented.

The fall of 2006 the band enters Svenska Grammofonstudion and in nine days they capture ten songs on tape, with Per Stålberg (Division of Laura Lee) as producer. Together they manage to bring forth what makes The Colombos such an amazing band. Pop and punk is mixed with classic garage rock and a pinch of psychadelia. The keyboards have a more prominent role while the drums and the bass are kept in a close and strong frame. The sound has evolved and is slightly darker and more experimental without losing its characteristic drive and energy. The result of these sessions will be the album ”Thousand Ways To Look Clever” (Regain Records, 2007).


1. Love spells love
2. California is still a lie
3. Self made man
4. Ricochets, partner!
5. Disco maiden
6. Keep the message, kill the messenger
7. Victor F
8. Bang Bang
9. We don´t mind the war
10. Entertainment today