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How The World Came To An End


Candlelight Records / Soulfood
May 2007



Manes have played live with bands like Isis, Katatonia, Red Harvest, Madder Mortem, Theater of Tragedy, Black Comedy and has preformed on festivals like Quart, Inferno, Hole In The Sky and Southern Discomfort with bands like Fantomâs, Danzig, Kreator, Sadus, Aborym, My Dying Bride and Mayhem etc. Apart from this Manes have done more experimental concerts like a semi-acoustic set at the opening of an multimedial art-exhibition and a noise/drone co-operation with the duo Bush Revolution. Manes in a live-situation usually consists of Emil on lead vocals, Tommy on backing vocals, Tor-Arne on percussion, Eivind on lead guitar, Skei on electronics and rythm guitar, Rune on drums and Torstein on bass.

"As we've mentioned earlier, the path leading up to this finished album has been a very conceptual process for us" comments Torstein.
"It's been us creating our path as we've gone, never really being able to see clearly the end of it, or when the end would come. It's not like it's miles away from our last album 'Vilosophe'; it's still dark and down, and it's still got elements of rock, metal and electronica in different measures throughout, but it's very different in many ways as well. We've collaborated with a lot of talented people on this album, each of them with important creative input forming the outcome of this weird process. We're a total of 16 people on this album, and apart from Cern, Eivind and me, they are Asgeir Hatlen, Tor Arne Helgesen, Flegmatical, Trine Kolmannskog, WT, Spaz, P. Emerson Williams, Stein E. Bratland, Emily A. Saaen, Emil Sporsheim, Cornelius Jakhelln, Rachmiel and Rune Sørgård."


1. Deeprooted
2. Come to Pass
3. I Watch you Fall
4. A Cancer in our Midst (Plague One)
5. Last Lights
6. Nobody wants the truth
7. My Journal of the Plague Years (Fuckmensch Warmensch)
8. The Cure-all
9. Transmigrant
10. Son of night brother of sleep