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Manitou Music / Twilight Vertrieb


SKYWARD brings you a fresh blend of good old Heavy Metal, served with a modern touch and almost lyrical female voice. Creating a strong & unique package of music for the fans of heavy music
like NIGHTWISH, but played in a stronger style and without any keys in the background.

Staying true to their visions & ignoring the current trends, SKYWARD has only focused on the music itself. Strong melodies, dynamic arrangements & fascinating lyrics ! Skyward is also well known or its good live performance, like in last Nummerock Fest or gigs with SENTENCED, SONATA ARCTICA, FREEDOM CALL or OBITUARY. After being successfully welcomed, leading to first pressing rapidly sold out, Pervade / Manitou reissue this first eponym album including a brand new exclusive video of "Guardian" track.

Produced in Rockstar Studio, Hyvinkää by Lari Takala. Mastered at Finnvox by Minerva Pappi. Cover art by Ville Salonen


1. Opening
2. Guardian
3. Die Happy
4. Burn it Down
5. Come December
6. Yesternight
7. Travel in time
8. Crossroads
9. Vaya Con Diablo