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Candlelight Records / Soulfood
29.02.2008 (GER)


To-Mera began life as a project between Julie Kiss (ex-Without Face) and Lee Barrett (ex-Extreme Noise Terror, Disgust, Mussolini Headkick). After a series of fluid lineups, the current stable incarnation of To-Mera began in early 2005, after Tom MacLean (a fan of Without Face) met Julie at a Dillinger Escape Plan gig and offered his services as a guitarist. Julie then enlisted the help of her hometown friend Akos as drummer for the band, and work commenced on writing material for a demo.

The intention was to fuse the musical interests of each of the members within a dark and atmostpheric framework. As a result, To-Mera's style can be described as a mixture between the assorted metal sub-genres, classical and jazz music.

The demo, comprising the tracks "Dreadful Angel" and "Born of Ashes", was recorded in July 2005 at The Peel in Kingston, on the laptop of of up-coming French producer Brett Caldas-Lima.

After a surprisingly positive reception on the internet and in various magazines (including being awarded "demo of the month" in both Zero Tolerance and Organ magazine), the demo was finally picked up by UK label Candlelight, and the band were offered a deal.

Once a permanent keyboardist was found in the form of Hugo Sheppard, the band spent the winter months of 2005/ early '06 writing material for their debut album.

"Transcendental" was recorded in May 2006 at locations in west Hungary and London, again with producer Brett Caldas-Lima at the reins, and released worldwide in September the same year.

Shortly prior to its release, it was decided that, in order to function as a fully active band, continuing with a drummer based abroad would be logistically impossible, and the sad decision was taken to part ways with Akos. Paul Westwood was brought in as his replacement in time for the band's debut shows. The band's first ever show was performed, fittingly, at The Peel in Kingston to an appreciative crowd, only days before the official release of the album.

Past gigs include support slots for Insomnium and Emperor, and headline slots on the second stage at Bloodstock, the London Barfly. The band will embark upon a UK tour in February this year, and will be playing at the Headway Festival in Amsterdam in April.

Work has since commenced on writing a second album, which promises to build upon the foundations set in place on the first.


1 - The Lie
2 - Mirage
3 - The Glory of a New Day
4 - Inside the Hourglass
5 - A Sorrow to Kill
6 - Asylum
7 - Fallen From Grace
8 - Temptation

the hard side of life
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