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In The Wake Of Separation
Thine Eyes Bleed


Justin Wolfe - Vocals
Jeff Phillips - Guitar
Derek Ward - Guitar
Johnny Araya - Bass (brother of SLAYER's Tom Araya)
Darryl Stephens - Drums


In a time when metal-core bands are being signed to major labels and nu-metal has been virtually pronounced dead by a harder, heavier, cutting-edge new breed, it’s easy to join the crowd and hop on the latest bandwagon. Or you can proudly go your own way. In the hearts, minds and hands of Canada’s Thine Eyes Bleed, extreme metal is a necessary expression of bent emotion and urgency unleashed. They have chosen their own path. Highlighted by a disciplined ferocity and over-the-top instrumentation, the band fuses modern metal extremity with touches of dissonant, oddly-constructed riffing, engaging vocal variation, ripping guitar-soloing (yes, solos!!!) and memorable songwriting. Drawing from a deep well of creativity, a bright future seems assured for Thine Eyes Bleed.

Each member brings with them a radically different perspective on music, but for all their differences, the common ground is Metal in all its guises. Each member is a connoisseur of the various facets of darkness, brutality and ultra-violence that the metal genre can portray.
Piercing riffs delivered with lightning speed and precision contrast with cryptic, twisted, pummeling dirges, pushing the listener to the very boundaries of experience. Dueling guitar melodies recall what is so addictive about the timeless strains of classic metal and thrash. The drumming is relentless, integrating various styles and tempos, on the verge of collapse but held firmly in check. Blast beats explode out of whiplash-inducing double-bass patterns. The vocals travel a wide range of intense screams and guttural lows--even playing it cool when the music demands--conveying tormented imagery with chilling effectiveness.

Thine Eyes Bleed does not confine its songwriting to a single genre; they will never be typecast. The only rule: their songs must be brutal and unforgettable.

the hard side of life
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