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VÖ: 18. Oktober 2004

Honeymilk Records / Cargo


The band started out as a three-piece in '98. Since then, the boys have spent countless hours rehearsing, released a 7” on Big Dipper and contributed to the critically acclaimed Christmas compilation If I Make It Through Christmas. The following is an excerpt from a review in the Norwegian national newspaper Dagbladet: "If I Make it through Christmas is a record in the spirit of Low and Spector - a lot of melancholy and glockenspiel. Best of all are trash-country boys Cinnamoon and friends with a beautiful version of John Prine's ‘Christmas in Prison’."

In April 2002 their first attempt to reach a larger audience was made with the release of the three singles "Sinking Stone b/w Roll On", "So Low b/w Angels by Day", and "Madman b/w Hooper Hill" on our label. The first single has been sold out for a long time, so it seems that you can reach your goals if you only possess the will and the vision. In February 2003, however, it was time for Cinnamoon to really get to work. The time had come to wipe off the dust from their run-down rehearsal room and hit the road - the road to becoming a Norwegian household name. So far this year Cinnamoon have played close to 50 gigs, something they characterize as “a good start on a much bigger task, which is to convince everybody that what we're doing is damn good." It is up to you to judge the next time you listen to the record or come down after taking off at yesterday's Cinnamoon gig.

For more information, visit www.honeymilk.no.

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