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The Daemon’s Strain (EP)


Cruz Del Sur Music


Triumphant, exploratory four-song EP from one of America’s best up-and-coming power metal bands! Hot off the heels of their brilliant "Far Flung Realm" first full-length, Massachusetts metallers ADAMANTIS return with "The Daemon’s Strain" EP, a striking collage of heroic power metal mixed with symphonic rock!

Already a cult curiosity via their 2018 "Thundermark" EP debut and initial self-release of their 2020 "Far Flung Realm" first full-length, ADAMANTIS quickly entered the collective global melodic metal conscience when they signed with Cruz Del Sur Music. The first order of business was to re-release "Far Flung Realm". In doing so, ADAMANTIS was immediately thrust to the top of various “best newcomer” lists — proper accolades for an album that so brilliantly recaptured the spirit of 1990s European power metal. Looking to strike quickly and with unexpected time on their hands thanks to the pand emic, Adamantis is back with the four-song "The Daemon’s Strain" EP.

Drums and vocals for "The Daemon’s Strain" were tracked at Kennedy Studios in Burlington, Massachusetts with producer/engineer Steve Aliperta; all instruments were laid down at the respective home studios of guitarists Javier Estrada, Jeff Taft and bassist Cody Pelchat. (Pelchat and Taft have since left ADAMANTIS to focus on other projects.)

Leveraging the free-form “anything goes” nature of the EP format, ADAMANTIS constructed "The Daemon’s Strain" as a musical journey across three different landscapes leading to a final destination: the title song, the band’s 13-minute interpretation of the Olde English ballad, “House Carpenter.” The EP starts with “Storm the Walls,” a song that in the band’s own words, “is a statement of our intentions” and definite inclusion in their live set. “Dark Moon Goddess” is perhaps the band’s most progressive and Gothic number to date, while “Thundermark” (the first-ever ADAMANTIS song) is refreshed and rebooted with new vocals from Jeff Stark.

The centerpiece of "The Daemon’s Strain" is the title track. Leaning closer to a classical symphonic rock song but still rooted in traditional heavy metal, “The Daemon’s Strain (House Carpenter)” is a fully-immersive sonic landscape that faithfully that paints the story of the married lady who, seduced by the devil, abandons her husband and child to find death at sea and meet the dark and low hills of Hell. However, as the cover art represents, ADAMANTIS does not embrace a moralistic take on the story but instead sees it as a tale of empowerment. The band interprets that she decides to break free from the chains of home life. Then, in their imagination, she fully embraces her new fate as an immortal, beautiful and lethal demon, portrayed on the cover — and also featured as the "Dark Moon Goddess".

No longer one of American power metal’s best-kept secrets, ADAMANTIS has crafted an EP of depth and triumph — a sterling display of memorable, anthemic melodic metal. It is the next logical step for a band that has displayed that the sky is the limit through two EPs and one triumphant full-length.

"Storm The Walls" - Official Video Clip: https://youtu.be/TZfweKVmAIs


1. Storm the Walls
2. Dark Moon Goddess
3. Thundermark
4. The Daemon’s Strain (House Carpenter)


Jeff Stark - Vocals
Javier Estrada - Guitar
Teddy Shao - Guitar
Evgeny Gromovoy - Drums

Photo Credit: Hillarie Jason

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