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VIII - The Time Unchained


Massacre Records

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Catamenia (FI) was founded in 95 by their original members Riku Hopeakoski and Mika Tönning in Oulu, Finland .Already in their first year they recorded their first Demo. The second demo, ‚Winds‘, (1996) lead to the four-album-contract with Massacre Records in 1997. First full-length album,‘Halls of Frozen North‘, was recorded in Commusication Studios, Germany, in 1997 with Gerhard Magin (Crematory, Mystic Circle,...) and was released in 1998. One year after the release of the debut, they recorded their second album, ‚Morning Crimson‘ (1999) in Sweden, at Sunlight Studios with Thomas Skogsberg (Katatonia, Dismember,...).

First line-up changements had to be done after ‚Morning Crimson‘ recordings due to personal reasons. Drummer Toni Tervo and guitarist Sampo Ukkola were replaced by Sir Luttinen and currrent guitarist Ari Nissilä. Their third album, ‚Eternal Winter`s Prophecy‘, was recorded in their home country in 2000 at Tico-Tico Studios with Ahti Kortelainen (Kalmah, Eternal Tears of Sorrow, Dawn of Relic,...).
Now it was time to record their last contractual album ‚Eskhata‘ for Massacre Records in 2002. Recorded in Oulu, Finland, at SoundMix Studios with producer Mika Pohjola (The Black League,...). After the release and promotion of ‚Eskhata‘, Catamenia renewed their contract with Massacre Records for three albums more because of the good and long co-operation. At this point, Catamenia had faced many line-up changements. But during the rehearsing the new album‘s songs, they have found their steady line-up and again as a six-piece. Catamenia recorded their fifth album, ‚ChaosBorn‘ at Neo Studio in Oulu, Finland with Kari Vähäkuopus and Immu Ilmarinen (Burning Point, Embraze, Afterworld, Sentenced,...). After great feedback from media and fans of ‚ChaosBorn‘, was time to prepare the sixth album. Band decided to title the album as ‚Winternight Tragedies‘. Spending some time in rehearsal room, Riku had already made several great songs, it was time to book the studio. Cause of the great production of ‚ChaosBorn‘, band decided to enter the same studio, Mastervox Studios with producers Kakke Vähäkuopus and Immu Ilmarinen. During the studio session, band encountered problems with collaboration, distance and lack of practice with few members. Line-up changes were made. Vocalist Mika and bassist Timo was replaced by new vocalist O.J. Mustonen and bassist Mikko Hepo-oja. Despite the facts of line-up changements, producers Kakke, Immu and the band itself, recorded and produced absolutely their most powerful album ever, ‚Winternight Tragedies‘.

On the new album, ‚Winternight Tragedies‘, band performs raw, aggressive and angry songs, still keeping the melodious side live. After the great feedback of ‚Winternight Tragedies‘, band did their first East European Tour, managed by ProMusic Production which was complete success. Despite the succesful year 2005, Catamenia decided to replace bassist Mikko Hepo-oja unanimously, cause of non-working chemistry between rest of the members. New bassist Toni Kansanoja (Black Swan, Burning Point) joins the band. In the end of 2005, Riku started to work on the seventh studio album and Mastervox studios was booked again for early summer 2006 with Kakke and Immu. This is the last contractual album for Massacre Records, so again it‘s time for negotiations and decisions to be made for the future. In the studio, band faced some serious problems again. Vocalist Olli lost his voice after singing four songs and they had to replace him by their friend
Antti ‚Hape‘ Haapsamo from Mors Subita, who sang the rest of the songs.
The new album, which was titled as ‚Location:COLD‘, reaches whole new level in Catamenia‘s history. Catamenia‘s great friend and producer of last three albums, Kari Vähäkuopus, joins the band as a clean vocalist. Kari will follow the band on tours always when he‘s capable due to his own duties. Catamenia feels like they are one big part of Massacre Records, and Massacre Records‘ feeling is mutual, so the contract is renewed.

Catamenia‘s first DVD, ‚Bringing The Cold To Poland‘, is recorded in Warsaw and produced by Metal Mind Productions. During the touring in
Russia and Europe, Tero decided to leave the band after Russian part of the tour - he fell in love with our promoter and followed her back to Moscow. Again some sad news in Cata-camp. Drummer Veikko Jumisko departed from Catamenia in Spring 2007 because he was not capable to join the touring anymore. After a short seek for the new drummer we found a perfect, yet still enough crazy replacement for Veikko, so Mikko Nevanlahti joins the band.

Catamenia is again a 5-piece band by the departure of vocalist Olli Mustonen. There were some problems with his vocals cords and he had lost his voice. From now on the lead vocals are sang by Ari Nissilä and Kari Vähäkuopus. Riku started to write new music for the next album, which carries a name ‚VIII - The Time Unchained‘ and the recordings take place again at Mastervox Studios, Oulu, Finland by the producers Kakke Vähäkuopus and Immu Ilmarinen. The new album is very variable and includes aggressive, fast guitar riffing with blasting drums, screaming vocals and low grunts but still having the traditional Catamenia melodies and clean vocals. This is the first time, Catamenia album is not including any keyboards.


- Das achte Album der legendären finnischen Nordic/Pagan/Black Metal Vorreiter CATAMENIA
- Im November auf grosser HEIDENFEST Tour mit Finntroll, Primordial, ...
- Limited Edition Digipak mit Bonus Tracks!
- Cover Artwork von Anthony Clarkson (Hypocrisy, Exodus, Kataklysm, Grave Digger and many more)
- Sehr gut besuchte erste Deutschland Headliner Tour im Februar 2007
- Produziert von Kari Vähäkuopus und Catamenia in den Mastervox Studios, Oulu, Finnland
- Hervorragende Absatzzahlen für Vorgänger „Location:COLD“ und gesamten Backkatalog
- Schwerpunkt Marketing-Kampagne im Oktober/November mit One Man Army & Darkane


1. Dominion
2. Alive...cold...dead!
3. The Time Unchained
4. Embody and Behold
5. Tuhon Oma
6. The Last Day Before...
7. Fallen
8. Road of Bones
9. Garden of Thorns
10. Uhrimalja
11. From Out of Nowhere
12. Viivakoodit
13. Synti Voittaa


Riku Hopeakoski - Lead Guitar
Ari Nissilä - Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Toni Kansanoja - Bass & Low Grunts
Mikko Nevanlahti - Drums
Kari Vähäkuopus - Clean Vocals


1998 Halls Of Frozen North
1999 Morning Crimson
1999 Catamenia Shape Edition
2000 Eternal Winter's Prophecy
2002 Eskhata
2003 Chaos Born
2005 Winternight Tragedies
2006 Location: COLD

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