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Celebrity Quotes

‘P.S.I.entology’ DVD

"Pitchshifter were the first big band to publicly support us, or offer us any help. I still remember seeing a Lost Prophets sticker on one of their guitars, and losing it! It was kind of a stamp of approval from one of the bands we looked up to, a band who were then leading the way for UK rock. They never compromised, were as sarcastic as hell, and wrote awesome songs. They helped us no end, offering us tours and talking us up in interviews and for that we will be forever in their debt. I am sad that they had to split, ‘cause I think they had a lot more in them. Pitchshifter: awesome guys, amazing songs, legends. Rock on!"
- Ian Watkins, Lostprophets

“Pitchshifter were always highly regarded in my circle of friends. I got into rock music back when I was a teenager and Pitchshifter always managed to offer a different take on the whole 'rock' sound. Daring to be different and way ahead of their time, never afraid to wear their hearts on their sleeves. Pitchshifter were definitely one of the most influential British bands of the last ten years.”
- Matt Davies, Funeral For A Friend

“I remember seeing Pitchshifter and Biohazard play together back in the day at the Brixton Academy in London. To be honest Pitchshifter were the first real band that I had ever played with when my first band (before Hundred Reasons) supported them. I have to say Pitchshifter blew us all away.”
- Colin Doran, Hundred Reasons

“Midlands sonic scoundrels Pitchshifter took the anger and primitive power of English punk rock and forced it through the technology available to create a heaving in-your-face monster. Pitchshifter will always be remembered by me as one of the very few bands to create an original view with music since Killing Joke.
- Paul Raven, Killing Joke

“Back in 1994 (after Black Sabbath), Pitchshifter was the first real gig I had
ever been to. I had never seen anything like it. J.S. was throwing out tapes
and I scrambled on the floor to get one. After that I was hooked and went to
all the band's shows that I could. Pitchshifter had the most incredible vibe live; really underground, really personal and energetic. I actually took part in a few of the legendary PSI stage invasions. Pitchshifter have always been
out there on their own, making their own sound their own way”
- Mikee Goodman, Sikth

"It seems as if I have known about Pitchshifter since I began listening to heavy music. I experienced the band live for the first time when we shared the stage of Ozzfest 2000 with them. Pitchshifter is honestly the only band that I watched everyday on that tour. They were kind enough to invite us to the UK for a tour in 2002. Show after show, I was impressed with their endless energy and the fact that they truly enjoy playing music together. We must thank Pitchshifter for expanding the genre of heavy music a few extra steps and we should appreciate and study their body of work."
- Jarrod Montague, Taproot

"In late 1999 I had the pleasure of working on the Devaint album with Pitchshifter. Within minutes of my arrival in beautiful Burbank, California, they made me feel right at home (which was strange because they're not even from California). I felt honored that they wanted to work with me and much fun was had by all......... Thank you Pitchshifter."
- John Stanier, Helmet/Tomahawk/Battles

“My band Gorilla Biscuits played with Pitchshifter in 1990. Back then they were pierced, dredd-locked and drum-machined. I was kind of scared by them, but I was also very impressed. We toured together years later when I was in Quicksand. Pitchshifter were the first people that I had ever seen recording on laptops. I travelled with them to gigs and we became friends. For me, Pitchshifter were able to seamlessly mix modern technology with heavier than hell guitars. I had many good times with the Pitchshifter guys, they created a great style of music and had a damn good run with it. Hats off to PSI!”
- Walter Schreifels, Quicksand/Rival Schools

“Back in ’92 Fear Factory weren’t even signed. I was always searching for new and exciting music, and stumbled across a CD by a new band called Pitchshifter. I immediately thought, "what a great name” and decided to buy it. My buddy and I went to my apartment, opened two bottles of Saint Ides, rolled a fat one and started the CD. The first song came on like a f**king freight train right through my head. The CD just got heavier and heavier as it went on. I was hooked from that moment on, and I enjoyed that same train ride throughout Pitchshifter’s travels.”
- Burton C Bell, Fear Factory

“In the early 90's we came across each others paths, and instantly found a spirit between us. Each night we played together was total devastation of the environment supplied to us, the two bands together would take over any club, squat or bar and level it with mutually assured destruction. There will always be a wake left behind what we did together in places like Austria and Holland and that time will echo eternally for all who where there.”
- Scott Kelly, Neurosis

"Napalm Death and Pitchshifter played numerous shows together over the years. In fact, the first Pitchshifter show ever featuring J.S. on vocals was when they supported us to a crowd of 500 ferocious nutters in Wales! Pitchshifter always had a lot to say politically, which I admired, and they always gave it 100% live. A great band and a great addition to the British
music scene."
- Barney Greenway, Napalm Death

"Pitchshifter: it's still probably the coolest band name that I have ever come across. If there is one band that can be labelled 'ahead of their time' they are it; constantly mutating, always hungry to challenge themselves and their fans. To me they set the bar for what it is to be a TRULY progressive band: never afraid to take chances, assimilating anything that they deemed appropriate
into their sound, but never losing sight of what made them unique. Every time they put out an album I would hate it for being so different from the last one, then after a couple of weeks would hate myself for being so slow to see the genius of it. Face facts- in 5 years time everyone will love them."
- Karl Middleton, Earthtone 9/The Blueprint

"For those of you who sadly never had the chance to see Pitchshifter live, this DVD is the next best thing. Although nothing could ever truly capture the power of Pitchshifter live, it can give an insight into what an influential band they really were. I have had the pleasure to work with J.S. and after watching this DVD I finally understand where he is coming from. No wonder the empire lost its colonies!”
- Guenter Schulz, KMFDM/Slick Idiot

“On Ozzfest 2000, Slaves on Dope and Pitchshifter got along great without all the fake bullshit that surrounds the music industry. From that time on we never forgot those crazy "Brits" and nor should the music world. Truly innovative musicians and truly great people.”
- Frank, Kevin, Jason, Rob, Slaves on Dope

“Pitchshifter were one of the true British innovators, they pushed musical boundaries at a time when Rock music was often stale and stagnant and made some of the freshest music of the '90s.”
- Ian Camfield, XFM

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