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Dead World Order
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G.U.C. proudly presents the seventh full-length album of Southern German old school Thrashers BITTERNESS!

Formed back in 2001, BITTERNESS have always confirmed their reputation as a damn heavy live act, with more than 300 shows at home and abroad under their belt. The band’s typical sound contains classic Thrash attacks combined with gloomy Death Metal parts as well as elements of Gothenburg-style Melo-Death.

"Dead World Order" was recorded at Iguana Tonstudios under the guidance of Christoph Brandes and mixed & mastered by Harris Johns at Wave Akademie. The artwork was created by Andrei Bouzikov.

"A Bullet A Day" - Official Lyric Video: https://youtu.be/1eQCT0eTUls


1. The Last Sunrise (Intro)
2. A Bullet A Day
3. Dead World Order
4. Idiocracy
5. Let God Sort 'Em Out
6. Forward Into The Past
7. Blood Feud
8. None More Black
9. Darkest Times (Instrumental


Frank Urschler - Guitars & Vocals
Thomas Kneer - Bass
Andreas Kiechle - Drums

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the hard side of life
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