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Testimony Records


Testimony Records proudly presents the debut album of Finnish Death Metallers NERVE SAW!

NERVE SAW was born in 2010 as an outlet for Sadistik Forest bass player / vocalist Markus Makkonen. Whereas Sadistik Forest at the time was heading to more technical direction, Markus felt that his love for classic “pick up truck” death metal, like Obituary, Six Feet Under and Master needed a new channel of expression to manifest itself. First NERVE SAW EP, "Call of the Casket", was recorded in the summer of 2011 with Sadistik Forest producer of the time Samu Männikkö handling the producing/recording duties and Markus performing and writing all the music. Unfortunately the EP was buried in the vaults of a record company who signed the band, but eventually never released anything from NERVE SAW. It was dug up by Old Skull Productions and eventually released in 2017, six years later.

All this time NERVE SAW existed and Markus had time to think what to do with the band.
“As 2010’s went on, I started to feel that before I can record anything new for NERVE SAW, I will need to find a fresh angle to the thing,” Markus begins. “Traditional death metal sound was coming more and more saturated and I was hoping maybe to refresh the situation a bit. To come up with something that was not so typical to the times. Then one day, few years back, I was listening to my old Finnish punk and hardcore records and realized that the answer had been there, right in front of me all the time. I would just need to combine my two early loves in music – punk and death metal!”
The material for a future debut album started to manifest itself in increasing pace and it was time to expand the one man band. Heikki Matero, guitarist of Finnish melodic death metal / hardcore crossover band Se, josta ei puhuta, joined NERVE SAW as a full time guitarist. The recording trio for the future album was finalized when Michael Dorrian, guitarist/vocalist of Dutch death metallers Anatomy of I, expressed his desire to try his wings as a recording drummer. Both of the guys also contributed to the arranging and writing of the material, so NERVE SAW had indeed become a full band by now.

Their debut album "Peril" is a hybrid of many things. It combines the no-nonsense approach of early punk albums to gnarly, brain melting death metal. It is an unstoppable bulldozer of a record, with obvious crossover potential. Imagine At the Gates playing GBH, or Carnivore and you start getting there.

according to Markus "Peril" is rather a beginning of something, than just a one off thing. “Nerve Saw is something to be continued, without a doubt. We have a couple of these in our systems, so stay tuned for more neck breaking anthems in the future, but before that happens - "Peril" is on it’s way! Be forewarned!”

"Last Verse for the Buried" - Official Track Stream: https://youtu.be/yto7OHyIH38


1. A Fool
2. Life Goes On... Not
3. No Lead
4. The Red Line
5. Ghosts in Dialogue
6. Empty Heart
7. Nails
8. Last Verse for the Buried
9. P.I.A.T.
10. The Eye of the Golem
11. Wolves of the 80's


Markus Makkonen - Vocals / Bass
Heikki Matero - Guitars
Michael Dorrian - Drums

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