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Emma Green
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MDD Records
6. April 2018


Less than a year after the release of their last album, FALL OF CARTHAGE will soon release their third album entitled "Emma Green". Founded in 2014, the trio of Arkadius Antonik, Martin Buchwalter and Sascha Aßbach remains true to their lineage and is not limited to predetermined, metal sub-genre boundaries. When listening to the album, it quickly becomes clear that this is the result of a consistent development of the band, which is not fixed on trends or cliché, but can be found somewhere between hardcore and groove metal.

The ten new songs on "Emma Green" seem more compact, but don't lose their accustomed pressure, attention to detail and creativity. Without a lot of bells and whistles, there are 9 kick-ass original tracks with the album finishing on a Beastie Boys cover song in bold self-interpretation. This time the lyrics are more about current world-political and social-critical topics, with the emphasis still on the processing of personal experiences.

During the two-week production at the Gernhart Studio in Troisdorf, more than ever, emphasis was placed on natural sounds and fewer digital effects were used throughout.

If you like variety and are bored with the realms of the typical metal, hardcore and thrash structures, you should urgently consider "Emma Green". Here's some honest music from boys who are still committed with body and soul.

"Superior" - Official Video: https://youtu.be/BuAcfP37o_M

Album Teaser: https://youtu.be/dN8buIQ6DVM


1. Signs Of Corruption
2. Priceless
3. Superior
4. Down There
5. Emma Green
6. Lies In Your Cup
7. Belongings
8. F.A. Gov
9. Dollarhungry
10. Slow And Low


Arkadius Antonik (also SuidAkrA, Realms of Odoric): guitars, bass, keyboard
Martin Buchwalter (also Perzonal War, Gernhart Studio): drums, production, mixing, mastering
Sascha Aßbach : vocals, lyrics


Behold (2015)
The Longed-For Reckoning (2017)
Emma Green (2018)

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