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Still Burning


High Roller Records
Release date: 28.04.2017
Distribution: Soulfood


Along with other acts such as Raven, Satan, Jaguar and Blitzkrieg, MYTHRA from the North East of England might as well be seen as indirect forerunners of American speed metal outfits such as Exodus, Metallica and Slayer. In contrast to other groups from the North East active around the same time, for example Axe, who later turned into Fist, Vince High and his boys did show precious few similarities with seventies bands like Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath. Mythra’s sound was geared towards the future of metal, not re-visiting past hard rock glories.

MYTHRA were originally formed in South Shields in county Durham in 1978. Their »Death And Destiny« EP was originally issued in 1979 by Guardian Records (based in Pity-Me near Durham), and re-pressed by Street Beat Records a year later. Combined sales were rumoured to have reached the incredible mark of 20,000 copies. However, due to mismanagement no follow-up singles and no MYTHRA album was ever issued.

In February 2015, MYTHRA celebrated their comeback appearing live at Newcastle’s legendary Brofest. This was followed by the release of »Warriors Of Time«, the ultimate MYTHRA anthology containing all the band’s studio recordings plus five new songs written by the current band and recorded in June/July 2015.

It seemed to be only a matter of time until MYTHRA would come up with a brand new studio album. And indeed it was Vince High (vocals), Maurice Bates (bass), John Roach (guitar), Alex Perry (guitar) and Phil Davies (drums) who recorded »Still Burning« in October 2016.
Technically speaking, »Still Burning« is the band’s debut album. “Yeah, that's right,” laughs vocalist Vince High. “It's the first time the band has gone into the studio and recorded a complete album all in one go. We flew out to Poland in October 2016 to work with Bart Gabriel as producer. It was a superb experience and we all had a great time working with him. We were totally blown away when High Roller Records signed us to record the album and cannot thank them enough. Their support has been incredible.”


1. Still Burning
2. A Call To All
3. That Special Feeling
4. Ride The Storm
5. Survival
6. Battle Cry
7. Silence In The Sirens
8. Sands Of Time
9. Victory Song
10. We Belong
11. Fundamental Extreme


Vince High - vocals
John Roach - guitars
Alex Perry - guitars
Maurice Bates - bass
Phil Davies - drums

the hard side of life
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