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Unstoppable Power


High Roller Records
Distribution: Soulfood


It’s all in the name – and that’s especially true for Norwegian black-thrash hopefuls CONDOR. The three-piece from Kolbotn, the town where nowadays Gylve Fenris Nagell serves as a Councilman, started out in 2009, with the aim to play classic black thrash in the veins of Aura Noir, Darkthrone, Death, Obliteration, Bathory and many other classic death/black/thrash bands.

Since then, CONDOR have not only made themselves a name as part of the Kolbotn thrashers union, but also carved out their own sound niche, which, albeit having a very black vibe, leans more towards the thrash side of things. That is also true for their new album, aptly named “Unstoppable Power”, and guitarist Magnus explains why: “I think we had more of a black metal vibe when we started out, and now it’s really just the vocals that sound like black metal. If people hear this new record without having listened to CONDOR before, it will definitely sound like thrash to them.”

CONDOR’s second full-length album was recorded in early February 2016 at Berserker Ninja Studios in Eidsvoll, Norway. The band recorded together with Salvador Armijo (of Black Viper-fame), and Tom Erik Hansen. Mixing was done by the band, with the help of Tom Erik. “A huge thanks to both Salvador and Tom Erik!!” adds Magnus before he tells us who is responsible for the sick cover artwork: “The album artwork was done by the master of fukked up art himself: ROK from Sadistik Exekution!”

And in the end, Magnus has a last important detail to share about “Unstoppable Power”:“The title is actually NOT inspired by Agent Steel’s ‘Unstoppable Force!’” Remember that!


1. Embraced By Evil
2. Riders Of Violence
3. Chained Victims
4. You Can't Escape The Fire
5. Unstoppable Power
6. 83 Days Of Radiation
7. Malevolent Curse
8. Horrifier


Chris Sacrifice - vocals, bass, guitars
Maggressor - guitars
Obskurvind - drums

the hard side of life
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