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AOP Records proudly presents the new full-length album of Austria’s KARG, entitled "Resignation".

KARG was founded back in the summer of 2006 as a one-man project. Between 2010 & 2014 KARG was fully formed as a band to play gigs, formally in Germany, Austria and Central Europe. In the years till 2018 KARG was, like in its beginning, held as a one-man project and released to more albums. With the release of KARG’s sixth studio album “Dornenvögel” KARG will celebrate its rebirth as a live band for a few special dates in 2018 & 2019. They did their first real tour supporting their 7th album “Traktat” in February 2020. In the beginning of 2021 main songwriter J.J. took a long hiatus from the world and lived in a cabin in the woods where he wrote the main part what should become Kargs’s 8th album “Resignation”. Together with “Resignation” Karg will release a bonus 7inch with two cover versions of NOTHING and THE CRANBERRIES. “Resignation” features a lot of different musicians such as both vocalists of E-L-R, Klara from FIRTAN on Violine, P.G. from GROZA or PRIVATE PAUL, an Hip-Hop artist from Hamburg. With all the help of this great musicians and the grandiose album Master from Jack Shirley (DEAFHEAVEN, OATHBREAKER and many more) it happened “Resignation” turned out to be one of KARG’s most experimental and diverse albums.

The musical style of KARG is a furious, hysteric mixture of Atmospheric Black Metal and a huge load of Post Rock, with influences also from Grunge, Shoegaze and Post Punk. The influences from other genres than Black Metal evolved more and more within the last few years but were there in abridged form since day one. Textual KARG always was about the more melancholic side of life, such as broken relationships, lost love, estrangement, drug abuse, loss or suicide thoughts and depression. In contrast to many other bands KARG’s lyrics are as equal important than its music is.

"Grab der Welten" - Official Track Stream: https://youtu.be/aqCnkp9Ijt8


1. Was bleibt
3. Grab der Wellen
4. Generation ohne Abschied

Bonus songs on first press CD & bonus 7":

1. Einen Traum weiter dort fangen wir das Licht (THE CRANBERRIES - Dreaming my Dreams)
2. Fieberherz (NOTHING - Fever Queen)


J.J. - Vocals, Bass, glockenspiel
Daniel Lang - Guitars, Vocals
Chris Purch - Guitars, Vocals
Georg Traschwandtner - Guitars
P.F. -Drums

Guest Appearances:
Klara Bachmair (FIRTAN) – Violin on “Was Bleibt” & “Grab der Wellen”
Private Paul – Guest Vocals and Lyrics on “Generation ohne Abschied”
I.R. (E-L-R) – Guest Vocals on “EBBE//FLUT”
S.M. (E-L-R) – Guest Vocals on “EBBE//FLUT”
Christoph Höhl – Trumpet and Flugelhorn on “Was Bleibt”
T.L. (LÛS, auszaat) – Guest Vocals on “Generation ohne Abschied”
P.G. (Groza) – Guest Vocals on “Grab der Wellen”

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