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Grim Catharsis



Ranka Kustannus
04.12.2015 (GER)
Distribution: Soulfood


Death metal mongers WORTHLESS have never been ones to hurry. The three-headed monster was put together in 2009 as Nordic Frost, a Celtic Frost/Hellhammer tribute band. Soon enough the decision was made to change name to WORTHLESS and start writing their own material. Slowly but surely the band made progress enough to decide to release a two song demo, three years after the band’s conception in October 2012.

In August 2013 they went to a hometown studio for a five day session and recorded a seven song effort called “Beaten by Life”. This self-financed outing was released in March of 2014 as a promo, since no label was intrigued in collaborating for a physical release. The promo attracted some favorable response despite its quite scarce promotion, yet the material evidently spoke for itself, eventually reaching trusting ears, and the band was approached by a few prominent record labels.

During spring 2014 a change in the line-up upgraded the band's creative output and concept, and the band spent the following year playing odd shows here and there and working on new material.

March 2015 saw the band enter studio once more, to record their next effort. The flowers of death were abloom, and the resulting album titled “Grim Catharsis” will be released at the end of 2015 via Finland’s Ranka Kustannus.

On "Grim Catharsis" the band takes a step forward in every aspect. Yes, there still is a particularly strong association to the direction of the above-mentioned Celtic Frost, especially in the guttural style of vocalist Toni Pekkala, but also in the rugged toughness akin to the “To Mega Therion” era Frost. However, the influence is not a burden but a resource, as the band comes to its own sounding robust and thoroughly evil.

With "Grim Catharsis" WORTHLESS provides a strong outing of old- school death metal in which a crisp soundscape meets irresistible groove. The hammering, forceful riffs and catchy melodies team up for an unholy union, in which weak links are nowhere to be found.

In spite of the somewhat Frosty (pun intended!) beginnings, things are heating up for Worthless. The world is about to be anointed with some profoundly dark, warped and macabre death metal…


01. Mental Hammer
02. Commence the Sacrifice
03. Altered States of Consciousness
04. Mortal Pilgrimage
05. Anthropic Venom
06. Ageless Grimness
07. Perpetual Funerals
08. The Wanderer and His Shadow


Toni Pekkala – guitar & voice
Ville Raittila – bass & voice
Petri Hartikainen – drums & percussion

the hard side of life
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